Fordite Muscle Car Face Covering by Siesta Silver Jewelry.  We decided to join the face covering movement with our amazing J. W. Design artwork as well as our composite picture of raw Fordite. It is recommended that you wash your face covering daily.  5 disposable filters are included.

To adjust, slide the soft rubber toggle to find your best fit so that the material is snug but not tight across your face. The toggle can be positioned anywhere along the loop so that it is in a comfortable place (for example not behind your ear, or under the arm of your glasses). Next, fit the material over your face with the nose piece formed around your nose and ear loops behind your ears. Finally, pull the excess fabric down under your chin and play with the ‘ruching’ or gathered fabric at the sides of the face covering so that any gaps are smoothed out, allowing the material to sit close against your face.

Machine wash, warm. Tumble dry. Mesh bag for delicate clothing is recommended.

Features include:  Bendable nose bridge, reinforced stitching, digitally printed outer layer, 100% cotton interior layers, pocket for inserting filter and adjustable ear loops with soft rubber slide toggle.